Rainy Days

Winter is our favourite season at Nurture Through Nature. Throughout the year we perform many rain dances when we are wishing for rain.  There is nothing our children love more than putting on their gumboots, raincoats and waterproofs and heading out into the rain with delight. Our children investigate the rain through exploring concepts of measurement experimenting with floating, sinking, calculating and volume. Children explore these concepts through schematic play, by collecting water, transporting water and watching water transform authentic materials such as dirt into mud. Puddles are a favourite fascination at Nurture Through Nature, so much that when its not raining children create their own puddles. The children investigate why puddles disappear once the rain stops. They like to observe the puddle disappearing slowly through out the day and one day on a hot day it disappeared very quickly which surprised the children and invited a dialogue about where the puddle went.


“The rain, the rain is wet “

– Campbell aged 2


“The rain comes on like a shower and then when I get wet I turn into a mermaid with magic powers.  “

– Gracelyn Aged 3

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