Petal Potions

Potions are a daily part of our learning at Nurture Through Nature. This is an open-ended experience that engages children of all ages. Whilst herbs, shells, natural dyes and leafs make a consistent appearance in the children’s potions, flowers consistently are the main element. Petal potions provide a holistic sensory experience for young children that support schematic play. The schemas we most commonly observe during potions are transformation and transportation. The children use a variety of tools that aid in their learning including mortar and pestles, bowls, colanders, spoons, lemon juicers and measuring cups. This experience not only provides engagement with nature, it also facilitates opportunities to role play the world around them, often acting out cooking experiences and tea ceremonies. This experience teaches maths and sciences concepts through measurement, sorting and problem solving. Children also develop an understanding of flora and fauna identification through collecting, naming and recognising the natural resources they use.


“ I need a purple flower for my potion, if I can’t find one it won’t work “

– Gracelyn aged 3


“My potion is a crunchy potion, it has shells in it”

– Ebony aged 4


“ More flowers please, they are floating on the top “

– Zachary aged 2


“It’s a stinky magic “

– Chet aged 2

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